We are Magic: the Gathering’s oldest podcast focused on the Legacy format, bringing you event results, new technologies & community news. Our hosts break down complex strategies in cosy atmosphere and analyze the competitive spirit it takes to succeed in the long run.

Everyday Eternal is both your cutthroat Legacy grinder podcast, as well as the relaxed hangout of three format veterans who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Britain, Germany & Italy – Legacy Across The Continent | EP.166

After being delayed because of The Great Technical Difficulties of London (2024), the three of us reunite to talk shit and play Legacy across all of Europe. Callum breaks out his new RG Painter list, Julian plays his first Paper event in a couple months, and Kai tries not to get scammed at 4Seasons. 00:00:00...

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IF YOU CAN’T BEAT HIM, INTERVIEW HIM – Marco Montani Wins ANOTHER 4Seasons! | EP.165

Marco Montani is one if not the most successful Legacy player of the last couple of years. He has Top8’ed FOUR 4Seasons Legacy Main Events, including back-to-back events of 400-500 players. “Guess who Top8’ed again?” has become Callum’s catchphrase of almost every 4Seasons event our crew attended, and at this point things are getting ridiculous....

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GET DAZED, NERD – There’s A Patron Wizard in Town | EP.164

Japan, Japan never changes – especially when it comes to Legacy, as probably one of the weirdest decks in years Top2’s the 233-player God of Legacy event. Ever made the mistake of thinking of Faerie Seer & Spellstutter Sprites as Pauper powerhouses? Think again, because they ripped right through this tournament, joined by their new...

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Julian Knab

A local grinder since 2005, Julian started making a name for himself in Europe  between 2013-2018, winning a Bazaar of Moxen, an LPL & holding the record for most CMS Legacy Championships. Ever since he has transitioned into a content creation role, most famously producing & commentating four seasons of the Legacy Premier League, and the official Eternal Weekend coverage. He also likes to pretend to be a regular streamer every once in a blue moon and has been a regular commentator on the NRG Series.

Often invited as a recurring guest, Julian eventually took over executive production of Everyday Eternal in 2017.

Legacy – Major
🇫🇷 #1    Bazaar of Moxen Paris ’13
🇮🇹 #1    CMS Milan ’16
🇩🇪 #1    CMS Hamburg ’18
🇪🇺 #1    CMS Super Finals ’17
🇪🇺 #2    CMS Super Finals ’16
🇪🇺 Top8    Eternal Weekend ’17

🌐 #1    Legacy Premier League ’19
🇪🇺 Top8    Eight CMS Events
🇺🇸 Top16    SCG Richmond ’14
🇨🇳 Top16    Beijing Orlov ’18
🌐 7 Legacy Challenge Wins

🇩🇪 #1    CMS Hamburg ’17
🇨🇿 #2    Prague Eternal ’14
🌐 1 Vintage Challenge Win

Callum Smith

On international level, Callum put his name on the map with a Top8 at the 2017 European Legacy Championships in Paris. His impact on Legacy however extends well beyond his finishes, and has estbalished him as one of the most influential deck developers in the format. Equipped with an unmatched instict for recognizing the power of new cards, as well as the potential for innovation in established strategies, Callum is the mad scientist of Everyday Eternal. Having played three Legacy GPs thus far, Callum famously lost to Julian in two of them, somehow not winning the one he managed to avoid him.

Following several guest appearances, he joined Everyday Eternal as a regular host in 2020.

🇪🇺 Top8    Eternal Weekend ’17
🌐 3 Legacy Challenge Wins

Decks Developed & Co-Developed:

  • Grixis Phoenix
  • Post-Top Miracles
  • Hogaak
  • Zirda Combo
  • Sharkstill
  • Urza Echo
  • Titan Stompy
  • Chaos Defiler Painter

🇬🇧 Runs the London Legacy Monthly
🇪🇺 Wigan Kebab Ambassador to the EU

Flag of Japan Kai Sawatari

Kai Sawatari is a inspiring reminder of constantly reinventing yourself and staying on the move. Once a singer, violinist, and connoisseur of nimble mongeese, it was only after picking up Ad Nauseam Tendrils & Doomsday that he carved his name into the format on international level. 

🇨🇿 #1    Prague Eternal ’14
🇯🇵 #2    13th God of Legacy ’19
🇯🇵 #4    GP Kyoto ’14
🇯🇵 Top16    Eternal Weekend Asia ’18
🇫🇷 #17    GP Lille ’15

🌐 2 Legacy Challenge Wins

🇩🇪 Runs the High 5 Legacy Berlin



Dr Matt Pavlic

Matt is one of the old school pillars of Legacy. Hailing from the shores of Vancouver, he has participated in tournaments around the world and holds the record for most Recurring Nightmare activations in history. He is a well-known connoisseur of Beta cards and once stored an entire set ziploc’ed inside a bank vault. If you ever bought Beta duals west of the Mississippi, chances are Matt was involved in one way or another. Originally just a grinder & collector, Matt has also organized tournaments in both Canada and the US and is one of the founding members of the Everyday Eternal Podcast.

He also suffers from practices an obsession with Siege Rhino, and gets unlocked as a host only on special occasions.




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