In a shocking twist of events, the boys discover a stunning correlation between the most played deck in the most recent Legacy Showcase Challenge, and the highest winrate in the format. Skip the first 25 minutes in case you already know, as we decipher the arcane scrolls of wisdom. 

In the second half of the show, we get ready for the annual Modern Horizons shakeup, reviewing a bunch of good, bad  or, as Callum puts it, an utterly unplayable card Julian brought to class. Turns out one of those cards is looking MUCH better than the Twitterverse has given it credit for thus far, and Callum expects it to become a 4-of staple in the most played deck.

Also, Julian listens to a podcast with sharktooth-necklace-wearing hosts…or so he thought.

00:00:00 Julian Thinks Kai is Desperate

00:13:30 The Most Played Deck w/ the Highest Winrate ?!

00:27:20 Kai’s MH3 Spoiler Picks 

00:34:10 Callum’s Picks

00:49:30 Julian’s Picks

01:15:30 This Card is completely Overlooked! 

A Big THANK YOU goes out to the work of the Legacy Data Collection Project!

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