Callum is back from his extended hideout in Italy, while Kai just celebrated the opening of the Sawatarix World Domination Tour OF DOOM. As part of the tour’s first stop at Gone Legacy in Lyon, Kai’s travelling circus allowed you to play with Chaos Orb in Legacy. Tune in to find out how that worked out, and learn about a couple new exciting decks that put up some very noteworthy results – promise it’s not just that stupid Eldrazi deck that keeps murdering Julian on turn 3!

00:00:00 So long, and thanks for all the Cephalids

00:16:30 Eldrazi Keeps Murdering People

00:21:00 Spinning Kai’s Wheel in FRANCE!

00:44:00 ENERGY is a Legacy deck now?!

00:56:30 290 player Legacy Showcase Results

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