I love listening to Everyday Eternal. A German and a British gentleman talking about Legacy in a super friendly way is what I didn’t know I needed! I enjoy their walk down memory lane, the top tier special guests they bring on the cast, and the analysis of the evolving Legacy metagame.

Andrea Mengucci

Mythic Invitational Winner & Team World Champion
Professional Magic the Gathering Player
Senigallia, Italy

Everyday Eternal is consistently excellent. Both guests and hosts are some of the best in the game and the content gets into the depth of Magic: the Gathering you otherwise rarely get into – but really need to in order to improve as a player. And if that wasn’t enough, the episodes are also very entertaining. Highly recommended listening!

Hans Jacob Kuhlmann Goddik

2x Eternal Weekend Champion
Professional Expat

Legacy is my favorite format not because of the gameplay but primarily because of the community and the steady stream of content produced for it. Everyday Eternal is my favorite resource for the latest news, in-depth analysis and a warm welcoming atmosphere.

Marcus Ewaldh

Long Time Listener
Viken, Sweden

Everyday Eternal is a great resource for competitive Magic players looking to level up their game. The podcast hosts Julian Knab, Callum Smith and Matt Pavlic hold a well-rounded view of the Legacy format, and their enthusiasm is second to none. It is required listening for anyone serious about keeping their pulse on the format’s development.

James Hsu

Host - Humans of Magic Podcast
Shanghai, China

Everyday Eternal is the top tier when it comes to Eternal content. They work with data, experience and theory with the people that are on top of the format and masters of specific decks, it is truly a work of art unfolding. I would highly recommend listening if you like to dive deep into a format, become better, chart new terrotories with hosts that are kind, energetic, smart and witty.

Michael Bonde

Professional Magic the Gathering Player
Aarhus, Denmark

Julian’s work on the Legacy Premier League was incredible every season. Every detail was accounted for, and it was one of the most enjoyable tournament(s) to watch and play in.

Jarvis Yu

Streamer & Commentator - 3 Legacy GP Top8s (1 Win)
Maryland, United States

In my first season of Legacy Premier League, I quickly noticed the amount of time and effort Julian put into creating high-quality content. The dedication and attention to detail was something as a web-designer, I truly appreciated. The level was raised even higher in the second season with a creative theme overall. I would gladly contribute or be apart of any tournament series Julian touches.

Bryant Cook

Founder & President - The Epic Storm
New York, United States

Julian’s work is always at the front of the game in terms of production quality. His stream, his podcast, and the Legacy Premier League are all works of art. As a player, commentator, and spectator of the Legacy Premier League, I believe that event set the gold standard for Legacy content in the future.

Phil Gallagher

YouTuber & Podcast Host - Thraben University
North Carolina, United States


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Great Legacy MTG Podcast

World class legacy players talking about the current meta and future progressions. Also guests hosts talking about specific decks.


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One of (if not) the Best Legacy Podcast out there

Julian’s extremely fun and outgoing personality makes him the ideal host, while Bob’s vast knowledge of the Legacy format makes for what is possibly the best Legacy podcast around. Add to this the top level Legacy players that join them as guests only adds more to create an amazing listening experience. The only 2 things who could be improved on are the sound quality (Bob’s mic is a lot louder than Julian’s, which makes it difficult to find a good volume balance while listening, especially while in a car) and the frequency of the podcast. Still very much deserving of the full 5 stars!!!


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Best Legacy Podcast Around

The effort Julian puts into content creation is simply staggering. Between EE and the LPL, he single handedly raises the bar for the entire community. Love the perspective Eric brings to the cast as well. Keep it up!


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Best Legacy Podcast

Awesome podcast, amazing topic a lot of fun to listen to.


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New Episodes Every Day?

Everyday Eternal is, in my opinion, the highest quality Legacy podcast and I’m always ecstatic to see new episodes. Julian has a great talent for making content and I’m excited to see what he comes up with in the future. When are you guys going to start making episode every day like the title suggests?



MTG Legacy Podcast

Great Podcast, thanks!

Philpotts Physique


Awesome material. Good insight into the current Legacy format as well as entertaining. Great job, keep it up.

Awesome material. Good insight into the current Legacy format as well as entertaining. Great job, keep it up.


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I am very grateful this podcast exists. Thank you guys for quality work.


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Good Chemistry

I listen to all the legacy podcasts I can. But this is my favorite. The hosts have good chemistry, and are fairly good at staying on topic. The interviews are also fantastic.


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This cast is like Jennifer Anniston. Getting better with time.
Most recent episode is 🔥


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Best Legacy Podcast!

This is the best Legacy podcast I’ve come across. Hosts are personal, entertaining and informative. Plus that intro music is *chef’s kiss* – Give these fantastic ambassadors of the MTG Legacy community a listen!



Great MTG Legacy Content

This is a great podcast about mtg legacy. In depth discussion by very well known mtg(o)-grinders on current developments in terms of decks and metagame.

The only thing that could be improved could be how regular new episodes are published! 🙂


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One of the best legacy podcasts

Julian told me to
JK this podcast is awesome 😀
Unique perspective, useful insight, painter is cool, hail turtle.


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Great podcast!

This is one of the best Legacy-focused podcasts around. Always great stuff!


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THE best MTG Podcast

I look forward to every new episode and can’t recommend this podcast enough!


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The Best Legacy Podcast Out There

Julian and Bob are excellent experienced legacy players and it shows in their podcast. They have great insight about what’s going on in the format due to modo grinding and often have guests on the show who do the same. Highly recommended to keep a pulse on the legacy metagame and learn about the format in general!


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Fkin Great

I just found this podcast. its fkin great.



Great Podcast

My favourite legacy podcast. Catch every episode! Julian and Callum are both awesome! Matt is okay too 🙂


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Great content!

Titans of the legacy format discuss the meta and events going on.


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Love it



Essential Listening For Anyone Interested In MTG Legacy

This podcast has fast become the podcast I look forward to the most. Editions are roughly bi-weekly and are packed with insights and entertaining banter. If you are interested in competitive eternal formats, particularly legacy then each episode feels like an expertly brewed mix of what’s currently format relevant seasoned with useful heuristics and knowledgeable play analysis. Just love it. The presenters Julian and Callum, as well as occasional and regular guests, always produce shows that are well balanced and easy to understand regardless of how experienced with eternal formats you might be. About half way through each show I start to get the itch to play my beloved legacy deck immediately – it really is THAT good!



Best Legacy podcast out there!

Best Legacy podcast out there!


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Best Legacy MtG Podcast

Julian and Bob (and frequent guest Eric “ewlandon” Landon) really know the format and have great chemistry together. Both entertaining and insightful.



Great Legacy content!

Thinking You!


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Essential for Legacy fans!

Great content and in-depth discussion. Always looking forward to the next one.



Everyone should listen to this Podcast

Daniel Rude

United States

great legacy format cast. Julian is spunky and Bob always has good information.

great legacy format cast. Julian is spunky and Bob always has good information.



One Of The Best Legacy Podcasts!

You all do a great job with this podcast. Super informative and entertaining. Easy five stars!



Your Legacy best friend

Listening to this feels like sitting down with the nicest guys at Legacy night and churn out great analysis of the format. At the same time, truly embracing the gathering aspect of the game.


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This is a great podcast

Good insight, good entertainment. Love when they talk about the meta

Hutch Cliffinson

United States

Best Legacy MTG Podcast

Both hosts are fun, have a unique personality, and always something interesting to say about their favourite MTG format. Great listen for people getting into the format, the hosts are good at explaining what they’re talking about, and it’s great for long time players who want to get another perspective on the format. Highly recommend it for anyone interested in legacy!

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