Following a widely-celebrated cocaine scandal, Callum steps down from London Legacy Monthly to move away; according to The Sun. We hit you with the real news – and why he’s currently hiding out in a rather unnamed Italian town.

Scheming from his villa, Callum has set up the ultimate MH3 impact tier list of all the new cards coming into the format. However, Kai comes in last-minute with an entirely unranked card and why he thinks it’s a real thing.

00:00:00 Julian goes to Greece, Callum hits Italy, and Kai gets nasty at Bergain

00:11:00 Callum’s Tier List   

00:28:00 Nardu, What Were They Thinking?

00:36:30 Necrodominance, Kai Was WRONG

00:43:30 All The Dirty Rest

01:34:50 Talon Gates of Madara ?!?!

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