On today’s episode, Matt and I welcome another guest host to the podcast: German Legacy phenomenon Marius Hausmann. Many of you might already know Marius following his recent success on the MKM Series, but this guy is a true oldschooler of Legacy. When I started playing competitive Legacy in Munich around 2005/06, he was already around as one (if not the) end boss of our local scene…and soon all of Germany as well. After eventually dropping his beloved Death & Taxes in favor of a deck he swore to never touch, we invited him to today’s cast to discuss his thoughts on the state of Legacy right before the upcoming Grand Prix.

* GP Seattle coming up on the weekend
* Why Marius dropped Death & Taxes
* Grixis Delver, Marius’ unlikely new mistress
* Czech Pile vs Grixis Delver…3,2,1 FIGHT!
* Beat Grixis Delver using this one weird trick
* The Dark Horse — Moon Stompy
* State of the MKM Series

Marius Hausmann’s (MariusOfTheMoon on MTGO) Grixis Delver he won the most recent Legacy Challenge with, beating Julian’s Elves in the Quarterfinals. We also tracked down the player Marius mentioned who plays a lot of Energy Field-Rest in Peace on Magic Online. Check out his decklists here: adalid240477

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