Turn 2, Ball Lightning!

Callum has used his time in quarantine to intensify his work on breaking Legacy with memes-turned-decks. This time it’s a GRb Ball Lighting tribal deck that actually works much better than we’d have ever anticipated. Make sure to pack your Tundra Wolves because this one’s about to become massive….until end of turn.

With Kaldheim being released on Magic Online right now, and becoming available in Paper on February 5th, we cover all the cards that might see play in Legacy; as well as one particular card an astonishing amount of people have been losing their minds over. As we discuss why the card is actually horrible, Callum proposes an ambitious bet of actually eating a hat if it actually turns out to be as insane. Is that gonna be enough motivation for some of you to try and actually break it? Please let us know because we’re already shorting the shit out of it!

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