Joining us today is one of enthusiastic ambassadors of the Legacy format. Kai Sawatari might not be the most visible online persona (thus far!), but not only is he one of the funniest and most relaxed guys to hang out with at tournaments, he’s also an incredibly talented ANT/Doomsday pilot. Born in Japan, Kai had spent most of his life in Germany, but eventually decided to move back to Japan where he’s been crushing tournaments for the past 6 years. For tonight’s episode we invited him to get some of the positive energy he emits everywhere he goes on the cast, but also to learn more about one of the most fascinating Legacy scenes in the world: the Greater Tokio area. And while we all knew that Tokio is often considered the Mecca of Legacy and offers tons of ways to play Legacy every day, Kai still totally blew us away with HOW much Legacy there actually is in Japan’s capital. On top of that we also explore in what ways Magic: the Gathering in Japan is such a different experience to players more used to the European/American ways.  Kai paints a picture of a much more chilled out but at the top levels just as cutthroat environment, with players showing massive support to their LGS and fostering probably the greatest Legacy scene in the world!

We also touch on Kai’s work as an artist, and why it would have had a much better chance to be printed onto a Homelands card than on anything being released today! And just when you thought the episode was over, Callum pulls out the horror story of Wigan Kebab. Seriously, what is that?!

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