In keeping with 2020’s global theme, we invited Belgian Infect aficionado Sam Dams to the show tonight. And by that we mean: there has been an overwhelming amount of requests for him through the entire year on both our Patreon Discord and Twitter. No surprise though, given how Sam has made a name for himself as arguably the most prolific Infect pilot since the heydays of Tom Ross!

Together we explore this somewhat “forgotten” Legacy archetype, which Sam still considers to be one of the best decks in the format. Yet he’s also the first to admit that the deck is facing new challenges; in particular WotC’s power creep on creatures is causing issues for Infect. In order to combat them, Sam has decided to add another colour to the deck – as well as everyone’s favourite broken Planeswalker!

Towards the end of the show we answer a TON of questions submitted via our Discord and Twitter; among them some of the best strategic and of course also meme questions (thanks Tom). If you wanna pick up one of the most wrongfuly underestimated decks in the format and either kill people on turn2 or grind them into oblivion, this deck & episode are for you!

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