Legacy developers are currently working in full overdrive, creating fast-combo decks out of removal spells, and conducting ethically questionable experiments trying to merge two or more decks into one. Callum, Matt & Julian dive into the madness and uncover a hidden gem that had been lurking around the format for a while, before having its breakout result rather recently. The crew also explores the uses of it in especially UB “Tempo” Doomsday and why Temporal Mastery is now the most playable Miracle spell in Legacy.

In the second half of the cast, we go over the most playable cards in Kamigawa Neon Dynasty, and why Kappa Cannoneer is actually the scariest cards of the entire set!

00:04:34 — Malevolent Hermit
00:13:00 — Next Level Doomsday
00:27:55 — Julian’s Favourite Mindgame
00:32:45 — Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Spoilers
00:57:05 — The Most Hyped Card
01:08:00 — Swift Reconfiguration COMBO
01:17:45 — “This card is fucking scary”
01:26:55 — Listener Questions

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