For a hot moment, Kai, Callum & Julian return to their hometowns to record just the most excellent of podcast episode of the year thus far. Tune in to find out how one small misclick devalued the entire MTGO Markov Manor economy quicker than even Argentina could have done it. Also, place your bets NOW as Legacy’s most heated rivalry heads into its second round: Kai vs Callum is ON and they’re gonna be battling it out in both Legacy and on skis! Callum has skied at least twice before so this will be an easy victory for him, innit?

00:00:00 The Boys Are Back In Town
00:11:30 MTGO accidentally CRASHED its economy with one misclick
00:38:00 The Best Dead TCGs
00:56:30 The Kai vs Callum RACE is on!

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