While Julian seems to be stuck in a slump, and Kai Top8s another tournament, Callum tests the physical boundaries of the format: born a meme, (almost) living the dream after a 4-1’ing a Legacy league, 14-Beanstalk Cascade is his new weapon of choice that turned out to be much stronger than expected. Grab the decklist below and find out whether Ardent Plea is right for you.

We also find out why all of us, and we mean ALL OF US, are resolving mulligans incorrectly, and why Julian thinks the rules might actually want to be changed because of it. Oh, and did you know that MTG Goldifsh actively hides one of the very top-performing Legacy decks from ever appearing on their website? This and much more on today’s show!

00:00:00 You Are Resolving Mulligans Incorrectly00:22:30 Best Decks of The Last 4 Weeks

00:27:00 MTGGoldfish HIDES this Top3 deck

00:32:50 Kai Top8s Hannover

00:46:30 Showcase Challenge on FIRE!

01:06:50 LEGACY Cascade Beanstalks is Legit




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