The last week leading up to Eternal Weekend has seen a TON of new tech coming out of the woodwork, and we’re here to share it! Decks, techs, as well as important strategies to approach some of the most important matchups in the format, we’re all about it in this last-minute briefing for your Eternal Weekend EU! In the first half of the cast, we also go over a couple of Top8s and tournament wins we recently got, and work our way into the general metagame from there. Also, Callum almost drowned in a cave in Wales of all places!

00:00:00 Callum Goes Spelunking

00:08:00 Callum Top8s with RW Soul Cauldron Bomberman

00:28:00 Kai Finds *the* Last-Minute Doomsday Tech

00:45:10 Julian Wins Et Cetera & Top8’s the Challenge

00:57:45 Focus on This, Ignore That

01:11:15 Will People Abandon 4C for THIS? (Marc’s 12 Post list) (Callum’s RW Bomberman)

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