Two in the books, one more to go! Kai, Callum & Julian take a deep dive into the results of Eternal Weekend Europe & Asia, revealing some of the surprising best-performing decks of both events – and some real stinkers!

We also share tons of behind-the-scenes, on-the-floor, and other stories from around both events – and pick THE favourite person to win EW North America!

00:00:00 Our EW Europe
00:34:00 EW EU Meta
00:47:30 EW Asia Meta 
00:50:30 Best Performing Decks EU 
01:02:30 Worst Performing Decks EU
01:11:10 EU Top8
01:25:40 Best Performing Decks ASIA
01:29:45 Worst Performing Decks ASIA
01:40:30 Asia Top8 
01:57:30 The COOLEST deck in Asia!

Win Rate overview:

EW Asia VODs:

EW EU – All Data:

EW Asia – All Data:

EW Suicide Black 8-2:

Memory’s Journey Field Guide:

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