Marco Montani is one if not the most successful Legacy player of the last couple of years. He has Top8’ed FOUR 4Seasons Legacy Main Events, including back-to-back events of 400-500 players. “Guess who Top8’ed again?” has become Callum’s catchphrase of almost every 4Seasons event our crew attended, and at this point things are getting ridiculous.

Coming fresh of yet another Top8 (and a win!) at the Legacy Main Event earlier this month, this interview is Part 1 of this week’s double feature episodes. While Kai…actually where is Kai? We’re not even sure, but Callum & Julian have invited Marco to the cast to share his secrets, and get to the truth about what makes him so near unbeatable to almost everyone in the world.

00:00:00 Marco DOES what Callum CAN’T!
00:10:00 Urza’s Glasses, overpowered?
00:17:10 Marco Won a Legacy Challenge with ISAMARU?!
00:23:30 Few Games With Tons of Decks
00:30:20 Project Management Skills Translating to Magic
00:38:00 Marco always CHALLENGES his superstitions
00:44:50 How Should You Approach Legacy?
01:00:30 Why Marco Played Stifle
01:08:30 Why Marco Still Attends (and crushes) Events

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