Japan, Japan never changes – especially when it comes to Legacy, as probably one of the weirdest decks in years Top2’s the 233-player God of Legacy event. Ever made the mistake of thinking of Faerie Seer & Spellstutter Sprites as Pauper powerhouses? Think again, because they ripped right through this tournament, joined by their new partner in crime, Patron Wizard. Aether Vial, Stifle, and 21 creatures that are of course joined by Ensnaring Bridge – what’s not to love?

The boys also take a concerning amount of pride in finally getting a prediction right (Surveil Lands), and lay out why they’re not on-board with the long-term future of Leyline of the Guildpact in Legacy. And Goblins is a combo deck now, so we better treat it as such.

00:00:00 Goblins Is A Combo Deck
00:20:00 Julian Comes Clean About Stifle
00:25:30 Surveil Me Like One of Your French Girls
00:45:30 UB Reanimator is back…but different




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