4Seasons Bologna is the cathedral of eternal Magic, where we practice our religion called Legacy. Returning from our third pilgrimage, the crew reflects on what was a very different experience this time around: all three of us were doing commentary during the European Legacy Masters, skipping Saturday’s big side event for it…mostly, as Callum the madman was actually juggling both roles. Tune in for many stories of railbirded Win-and-In matches, and find out how UB Scam massively underperformed, and which flavors of 4c Control were dominating the top tables, along with some sweet Artifact spice!

00:00:00 Julian Almost Gets Scammed
00:11:10 4Seasons Team Trios Review
00:23:30 Why Kai Counters His Own Spells
00:35:40 4Seasons Top Table Stories
01:06:10 ELM Commentary Experience & Results
01:26:00 Quickest Preview: RUG Beanstalk

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