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For 95% of you, this will be completely automated through your podcasting app of choice, so you don’t need to do anything. But like anytime you move house, sometimes stuff breaks. So in the unlikely case that all throughout September you don’t see any new episodes, please check either our Instagram, Twitter, or this website for a link to the new dedicated Everyday Eternal page to continue your addiction.

We’re super excited for this move, as this is just the first step of many to level up production and provide an all-around kickass experience!

Also, there’s TONS OF LEGACY  to talk about on this episode, so strap yourself in, and let’s ride!

00:00:00 Playmat Raffle
00:08:30 WE ARE MOVING!
00:12:00 Kai’s RARE birthday present for Callum
00:24:10 New Legacy cards for MTGO
00:58:30 Our favourite Universes Beyond Ideas
01:03:00 Beseech the Mirror & Up the Beanstalk
01:07:10 Don’t get UB Scam’ed!
01:33:30 ELM & 4Seasons coming up!

Thanks a lot for tuning into today’s show!
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