As the news hit on our way back home from work, Kai, Callum & I immediately jumped into a call to record our thoughts about one of the most exciting unban in years! Not only is Mind’s Desire one of the most epic cards in the history of the game – it also sets a new precedent for WotC being willing to touch cards that were once considered un-unbanable. We touch on different ways to build the deck, look back at the Legacy UNCHAINED Series from 2019 (during which Mind’s desire got some action!), and cast our votes where we see the card in 6 months.

In the second half of the show, we highlight Mississippi River winning the most recent Saturday Legacy Challenge in the hands of Sean Goddard, and why that deck is causing so much frustration (or pure joy) among players right now. Oh, and SHRAPNEL BLAST is back too. We’re living through some wild times right now, and I’m loving it!

Bonus Content: right as the show ended, we found Martin ‘Nevilshute’ Nielsen’s first draft of a Mind’s Desire deck that he went 4-1 with in a league. Check it out at twitter.com/MartinFSNielsen/status/1688650552358400001

00:00:00 Quick Note from Julian
00:05:00 Mind’s Desire is unbanned!
01:03:15 Mississippi River keeps winning!
01:13:35 SHRAPNEL BLAST is back in the format!

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