Matt has returned from his classified mission and finally joins the rest of the team again for today’s episode. After being the 37th podcast to briefly discuss the recent MPL changes, we explore somewhat of a bombshell that was dropped by Kotaku on Thursday. In a monster of an article that touches on tinkering with viewership numbers and the looming threat of esports being  a bubble ready to burst right now, they also present some insider knowledge of Wizards of the Coast inflating Mythic Invitational Twitch stats in order to meet promises made to sponsors.
We also shed some light on the allegations of match fixing in Pauper leagues that Kendra Smith recently raised on Twitter, as well as the planned structural and payout adjustements of MTGO leagues.
AAAAAAAAAAAND of course there’s a ton of Modern Horizon spoilers, with some really sweet cards in them, which might even spawn new archetypes. Tune in if you wanna find out why we are all so excited for the second-worst 2 mana Planeswalker ever printed!
Show Notes

* MPL Roster Change Announcement
* Gerry Thompson’s statement regarding leaving the MPL
* “Disorganized Play & the Magic Pro League” by Saffron Olive
* GAM Podcast / Arena Decklists Podcast Episode on GerryT’s move
* “Shady Numbers & Bad Business: Inside the Esports Bubble” – Kotaku
* Kendra Smith’s Pauper Match Fixing Twitter Thread
* All Modern Horizons Spoilers

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