In today’s episode, Julian welcomes Legacy masterminds Minhajul Hoq & Max Gilmore onto the show to not only introduce, but also jump into one of the most analytical episodes we’ve ever produced. Championing their in-depth approach to deckbuilding and metagame analysis, we introduce what Max believes to be the most broken Legacy deck since Treasure Cruise Delver, White Bomberman. (Is this blog on a list now?). Find out how has finally pushed this deck over the top, and also continues to supercharge other decks like Big Eldrazi, Stax…and even Miracles!
All the way throughout today’s episode but especially towards the end, we also discuss the proper mindset for growth as a player and why you should never be afraid of abandoning heuristics and look “stupid” to other players. We look at the common, often subconscious thought patterns that will frustrate plateauing players and what it takes to overcome them in order to improve and reach new levels in your game….am I sounding like the back cover of a book yet?
Bonus: ever wondered what special event in Max’ life has turned him into a disciple of ?
Show Notes

* “Total Karnage” – Max’s article with his White Bomberman list
* Jarvis’ league with Karn-Ugin Post, including an insane match vs Anuraag Das (starting 1:53:00)
* Everyday Eternal #37 – Talking Miracles with the Miracle Men (the episode that got Min into Miracles)

We’d love to hear your feedback on today’s episode in the comment section or via Twitter. This is only the second episode I have edited myself and I’d be happy to hear any suggestions or advise on how we could improve your enjoyment of Everyday Eternal even further!

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