In today’s episode, Bob and I invited our most recent Legacy GP winner, 18-year old Daniel Goetschel (Gul_Dukat) onto the podcast. We initially explore Daniel’s background as a competitive player struggling with card prices, who eventually just juggernauted his way into winning all the cards he needed. Afterwards we pick his brain about his thoughts on Legacy’s reborn phoenix UW Stoneblade, a deck that had faded into obscurity for a long time before finally coming back in full force for this GP. Daniel also provides a first hand experience of his historic undefeated run at the Grand Prix during which he literally won all the matches he actually played!
Daniel is sometimes nicknamed the “Galaxy Brain” of Legacy, so be prepared for some rapid fire thoughts on this episode. Fasten your seat belt and dive right into it!
Show Notes

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* GP Niagara Falls Top 8 Decklists
* GP Niagara Falls Top 9-32 Decklists
* GP Niagara Falls Day2 Metagame Breakdown

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Bob Huang: @Griselpuff
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Eric Landon: @ewlandon1
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Unfortunately, due to Matt’s security clearance in the Canadian military, he is barred from using social media. He hopes you will understand and proceed with caution.

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