For today’s episode, we invited one of the biggest names in MTGO Legacy to the cast: Chase “Stryfo” Hansen, who recently took down the first of four “Legacy Playoffs” we are getting on Magic Online this year. For those who don’t know what this means, Chase emerged victorious in a tournament of only the most successful and dedicated online Legacy grinders last week.
Join us as we explore Chase’s history as a competitive player, all the way from reanimating to Top8’ing a Legacy Grand Prix in 2015. We also unpack the theory behind Chase’s 4c Punishing Dack control deck, which he has achieved a record number of Legacy Challenge Top8s with over the years – and why it might be for you!
We also touch on our thoughts on this weekend’s Mythic Invitational and the dark story behind Chase’s alternate “Clashed” nickname!
Show Notes

* Legacy Playoff Q1 2019 – Decklists (including Stryfo’s)
* SCG Cincinnati – Decklists
* Julian’s GW Maverick list

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