With SCG Syracuse and another Legacy Challenge in the books, our crew looks at the most recent results with special focus on the “Tundra renaissance” that is UW Delver and UW Stoneblade: one a freak accident between Delver and Miracles, the other an old faithful of Legacy that hasn’t really seen proper tournament play in almost a decade. Also, somehow Bob really likes Slivers in today’s metagame why Julian considers it a worse version of the criminally underrated Merfolk he recently 5-0’ed with. Meanwhile Eric keeps terrorizing MTGO Legacy with his latest creation: The Epic Thief!
Also tune in for the latest Bob Huang Banning Nomination™. Legacy is coming for you, !
Show Notes

* SCG Syracuse Top69 decks
* MTGO Legacy Challenge Top32 decks
* MTGO Decklist Dump 9th March
* The Epic Thief Website
* The Epic Thief Decklist
* Julian’s Merfolk 5-0 list without Chalice
* Cyrus’ super interesting ANT puzzle vs Julian

Co-Host and Guest Contact:

Bob Huang: @Griselpuff
Bob Huang: twitch.tv/griselpuff
Eric Landon: @ewlandon1
Eric Landon: twitch.tv/ewlandon

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