For today’s episode, we’re blatantly “cashing in” on Bob’s most recent metagame overview article on Channel Fireball, that garnered a lot of attention. Following the ban of and , Bob outlines an allegedly balanced, diverse and potentially fun format with no deck reaching double-digit % respresentaiton. Enter Eric Landon, shatterer of dreams who disagrees with Bob’s point of view quite strongly. Listen to these two Legacy powerhouse players (and Julian) discuss their views of today’s Legacy metagame. Somehow the conversation steers towads Julian calling a “reasonable” magic card, while everyone laments the absence of Zoo.
In the second part of today’s show, our three heros discuss the recently proposed mulligan rule change by Wizards of the Coast, which will be tested at the next Mythic Championship in London (April 26th-28th). Will this destroy Legacy as we know it or isn’t it nearly as much of a deal as the initial reaction would have you believe? And how many s should you buy now?
Show Notes
The Best Decks in Legacy Might Not Be Playing Brainstorm – By Bob Huang
The “London” Mulligan: An Eternal Perspective – by Max GIlmore
New mulligan Rule being Tested by WotC –

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Bob Huang:
Eric Landon: @ewlandon1
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