On Monday Wizards of the Coast dropped the biggest bomb on Legacy in quite a while: with and leaving the format for good, the format has become as wide open as it’s ever been since at least early 2012! Together with Legacy masters and Bob Huang and today’s guests Jarvis Yu, we explore what the future of Legacy could look like and which decks we would currently love to explore more of in the near future.
All three of us are really thrilled to jump head-first into the this fresh new format with tons of seemingly viable strategies and decks to put in the hours with. Other than that, we also nerd out a bit about past Legacy GP results as a source of inspiration for what the fturue of Legacy might hold.
Decks discussed include:

* Canadian Threshold (“RUG Delver”)
* GW Maverick
* Miracles
* Storm
* Lands
* UB / BR Reanimator

* Grixis Control
* BUG Landstill
* Goblins
* Merfolk
* Elves

Show Notes

Bob Huang on Twitter: @Griselpuff
Bob Huang on Twitch: twitch.tv/griselpuff
Jarvis Yu on Twitter: @jkyu06
Jarvis Yu on Twitch: twitch.tv/jarvisyu

We’ll all be streaming a lot of Legacy, so make sure to check out both Bob’s and Jarvis’ streams, as well as mine on twitch.tv/itsJulian.

We’d love to hear your feedback on today’s episode in the comment section or via Twitter. This is only the second episode I have edited myself and I’d be happy to hear any suggestions or advise on how we could improve your enjoyment of Everyday Eternal even further!

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