[The audio files of episodes 39-44 are unfortunately lost to time.]

It’s a packed house in episode 44 as Bob, Julian, Matt, Sam, and Sean discuss the dominance of the Eldrazi deck at SCG Philly, Eternal Masters, what’s new in Vintage, and more!
Time stamps:
3:14 – Recounting the hidden episode: Jund during Treasure Cruise
10:21 – Intro
10:55 – Bazaar of Moxen Madrid
14:09 – BoM Madrid Results
22:17 – Star City Games Open: Philadelphia Metagame
24:28 – Sean’s experience at SCG Philly
30:43 – The Eldrazi deck
34:49 – How Eldrazi affects the metagame as a whole
43:41 – Strategically playing one-ofs
52:51 – Eternal Masters
1:11:21 – Trigger reminders
1:12:59 – Sam’s fun with legacy at GP Houston
1:21:49 – Tournament problems
1:28:40 – What to play in vintage
1:32:04 – Outro
SCG Philly day 2 metagame breakdown
SCG Philly Decklists

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