[The audio files of episodes 39-44 are unfortunately lost to time.]

In Episode 43 of Everyday Eternal, Sean, Matt and Sam review the latest batch of cards from R&D, Oath of the Gatewatch.
4:56 Episode actually starts
14:03 Why no episode about Battle for Zendikar
15:56 Sean’s Painful Truths Jund
22:12 Wastes and colorless mana
28:44 Warping Wail
40:21 Matter Reshaper
43:18 Spatial Contortion
47:09 Thought-Knot Seer
55:41 Eldrazi Displacer
1:00:33 Stone Haven Outfitter
1:03:40 Hedron Alignment
1:04:35 Sphinx of the Final Word
1:09:34 Natural State
1:11:53 Oath of Nissa AKA the Green Ponder AKA Natural Selection
1:17:51 Stoneforge Masterwork
1:19:04 Stormchaser Mage
1:22:21 Jori En, Ruin Diver
1:28:53 Upcoming events
1:40:13 Outro and credits

Jund by Sean Obrien

Creatures (14)
Granger Guildmage
Huntmaster of the Fells
Scavenging Ooze
Deathrite Shaman
TarmogoyfSpells (20)
Kolaghan’s Command
Lightning Bolt
Abrupt Decay
Green Sun’s Zenith
Painful Truths
Hymn to Tourach
Sylvan LibraryPlaneswalkers (4)
Garruk Relentless
Liliana of the VeilLands (22)
Bloodstained Mire
Verdant Catacombs
Sideboard (15)
Grafdigger’s Cage
Null Rod
Obstinate Baloth
Dread of Night
Engineered Plague
Ancient Grudge
Golgari Charm
Krosan Grip
Red Elemental Blast
Surgical Extraction
Life from the Loam

Matt’s Junk Dual
Mox Crystal
Duelist article on the cards removed from Revised (Re-posted on the mothership, then hosted on The Wayback Machine because the mothership is broken)
Star City Games Philadelphia
Grand Prix Houston
Tuskvision – Sean’s stream
Sam’s blog post about Grand Prix 1: MTG Grand Prix Locations vs US Population Centers
Sam’s blog post about Grand Prix 2: Suggestions to WotC to improve GPs
Sam’s blog post about Grand Prix 3: Rants cut from my WotC suggestions

Today’s music is 3 To The 6 To The 0 by Velella Velella and was acquired via the Free Music Archive. Check out Velella Velella on their website.

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