[The audio files of episodes 39-44 are unfortunately lost to time.]

Everyone knows that you need to bring a full 75 cards to play competitively. But how do you choose those cards and which cards come out of the deck? The team discuss strategy for building and executing your sideboard plan along with a great many other things.
Unfortunately, we got off topic a lot with discussion ranging from Matt’s recent experience with ‘shops, this year’s major tournaments, and how upcoming banned and restricted list changes will affect those tournaments.

0:27 — Joke Belcher Sideboards
2:04 — Matt’s recent experiences playing ‘Shops
6:21 — The podcast actually starts
13:16 — Sideboarding blocks of cards vs singletons
19:04 — What cards go in my sideboard?
21:33 — Sacrificing match ups AKA “The Dredge Gambit”
23:52 — Addressing classes of decks vs addressing specific decks
28:34 — Transformational sideboarding
31:43 — GenCon Vintage
33:30 — Being proactive vs being reactive
39:32 — “Next level” sideboarding
40:47 — New fakes
51:10 — Eternal Weekend and GenCon
59:55 — Banned and restricted list changes between now and GP Lille, GenCon, and Champs
1:02:51 — Neecropotence vs Brainstorm
1:18:41 — Balance
1:21:05 — Outro

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