Eric is back! As Bob and I welcome him back, we discuss the rise of Legacy’s hottest deck right now: GW(b) Maverick, which not only finished runner-up in the last two challenges, but also just took down the Legacy Playoffs on MTGO in the hands of Stefan Schütz. What makes the deck so good and is it more than just a flavour of the month? Is the new ?
In the second half of the cast we discuss the M20 spoiler with regards to Legacy (and one Vintage) playable cards, and provide our general opinions of the current metagame: what’s hot and not — and why Bob thinks Neoform Combo from Modern could actually be ported to Legacy!
Show Notes

* “Delving Through the Secrets of Modern Horizons” –
* Legacy Challange Decklists from 10th June 2019
* Legacy Challenge Decklists from 17th June 2019
* Legacy Playoffs Decklists
* Gsy’s 24-1 record RUG Delver list
* I teased the list, but was politely asked not to share the “Grixis Miracles” decklist before the upcoming MKM Frankfurt event. I hope you understand.

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