Legacy ANT sensation Cyrus Corman-Gill joins us for today’s cast, following a lengthy discussion on Twitter and Blue Chat Julian’s Legacy Friends® chat about a recent phenomenon in the community: players seeking funds for flight tickets through Go Fund Mes campaigns. Bob, Cyrus and I have somewhat different opinions on the issue which leads to a satisfyingly productive discussion.
In the second half of the cast, we discuss what Cyrus and Bob will be bringing to SCGCON, including their picks for Legacy, Vintage and even Oldschool! If you would like to skip directly to that part, feel free to forward to about the 49 minute mark.
Show Notes

* Matt Sperling’s initial take on Go Fund Me
* Matt Sperling’s Business Class Go Fund Me
* Bob’s Twitter Poll
* Mana Action – Mark Rosewater’s article on variance
* London Mulligan official implementation
* SCGCGON Results

We’d love to hear your feedback on today’s episode in the comment section or via Twitter. This is only the second episode I have edited myself and I’d be happy to hear any suggestions or advise on how we could improve your enjoyment of Everyday Eternal even further!

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