Kai just right onto the cast after a devastating run in his last league, and the rest of the hosts to what they were trained to in the face of such inadequacy. With that out of the way, we look at specifically why RUG Delver has been one of the most popular homes of Up the Beanstalk lately, and why we just can’t get enough of that Canadian Threshold vibe in Legacy. Callum then unleashes the beast that is various, nefarious flavors of Agatha’s Soul Cauldron and why your body needs to be ready for Phyrexian Devourer’s scheduled, once-every-5-years hot week in the format!

00:00:00 The certified worst player of all time
00:10:30 Kai goes 3-0 with a 15-year-old deck
00:23:20 There are two Canadians inside of you
00:30:00 The Sawatarix Scale of Playability
00:32:50 Up the Beanstalk in RUG, but why?

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