Anuraag Das, the greatest Magic event broadcaster since the late Renaissance is joining us for a special episode: instead of a review of what has happened, we want to close out the year by looking forward to 2024. Coming up on the third year of his master plan of making Magic coverage sustainable, he lets us in on previously undisclosed personal news – and what those mean for the future of Magic coverage.

Bonus: the differences in producing Eternal Weekend US vs Europe – and which one Anu liked better! Your guess?

00:00:00 Kai’s Prison Adventures
00:08:45 Anuraag, Yu-Gi-Oh Champ!
00:25:00 Anu did THIS to be invited to the Miracles Cabal 
00:31:00 Why Coverage? 
00:43:20 Who is BradleyJX, The Man Behind the Curtain?
01:02:00 Why 2024 will be vastly different 
01:22:00 Anu’s Thoughts on EU coverage 
01:32:00 Discord Q&A 
01:42:00 Why There Won’t be a Vintage/Legacy Super League soon

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