“If I wanted to maximize both agency over my draws & consistency of my deck, I’d play 60 Islands”
– Julian

A recent discussion in the Leaving a Legacy FB group about the value of agency, consistency and specifically Sylvan Library had individually caught Matt’s, Callum’s and Julian’s attention. Both concepts are sometimes fetishized to a non-competitive degree, without accounting for the marginal costs associated with maximizing them. In today’s show, we go deep on the dynamics of the power-vs-consistency spectrum, and the external factors impacting the degree to which you should push your deck’s consistency.

Tying into that are our thoughts about how to avoid trapping yourself in delusions of agency over too limited a spectrum of decisions. We explore which aspects seem to be popular with players trying to maximize agency, while other less tangible and harder-o-master ones will be forgone despite yielding much larger returns.

This discussion especially relates to both building & playing non-blue decks with Sylvan Library, but also teaches the general mindset of a competitive player.

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