Callum just BULLDOZED his way through the new Legacy metagame on the past weekend. He took down both the Lotus Box Octagon as well as the Saturday Legacy Challenge with his new creation, Esper Mentor – or as Julian likes to call it, Wigan Kebab Control. It just rolls off the tongue. In today’s episode we hit a deep dive into what lead Callum to picking Esper as the best shell for breaking the card of the tournament, Of One Mind. We also find out why Teferi, Time Raveler is absolutely broken with Unearth, and what filthy things the two are up to on a regular basis!

Tune in to find out about one of the most refreshing, entertaining newly emerged decks of the format, as well as a summary of what else has been going on in Legacy ever since the The Good, The Bad and the Ugly were banned.

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