It is Christmas. There is a knock on your door. You think it’s Santa. As you open the door, you realize you forgot to play around Elvish Spirit Guide. You try to slam it shut but it is too late. Tom Hepp runs you over with Marit Lage.

Sounds familiar? Every day dozens of people get crushed by one of Magic Online’s most dangerous endbosses. Tom “Negator77” Hepp is currently sitting at a record 38 trophies in the Legacy Leagues, and continues to dominate the Magic Online meta at will. He recently unleashed Rainbow Depths onto the world, which maybe offers the highest power level relatively to its cost. Using no Reserved List cards, you can build this deck for less than $700, and probably even way less depending on what you already have. But it gets even better: Tom has put together Rainbow Depths – Total Sideboarding for us, because he doesn’t just want to “send you to your death” as he puts it.

If you’re looking to learn from the best there is when it comes to Dark Depths, and also want to find out which member of the cast was once chased by a giant bull, this episode is for you!

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