Joining us for a special Vintage-themed episode is Justin “IamActuallyLvL1” Gennari. Justin has made a name for himself as the premier streamer of the format, and is responsible for a ton of new blood entering the format over the last couple of month. Together we explore one of the most booming formats on Magic Online right now, as well as the over 18,000 matches that were recently analyzed by Justin and his crew of dedicated data collectors!

If you’ve always been curious about what Vintage actually how, what the gameplay is like and how to best get into the format on Magic Online, this episode is for you! We roughly outline the major archetypes of the format, recent developments and which decks are up and coming again. We also discuss Callum’s and Julian’s runs in Eternal Weekend Vintage, as well as Julian’s victory in the Vintage Challenge, and do a deep dive on one of Vintage’s most exciting decks, Paradoxical Outcome.

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