Eternal Weekend 2020 is in the books, and with over 1,600 entrants between the three main events, this has been one of THE highlights in the 15+ year history of our beloved Legacy format. Following WotC’s decision to pair entry into the format with access to (almost) ALL cards on Magic Online, one of the biggest breathes of fresh air hit the format as people rallied to enter the Karkas, Rishadan Port and Maze of Ith championships.

On this episode Callum and Julian cover both the spirit and results of these three events, as they go about the Top16 of each event and some of the most interesting deckbuilding choices they can find. Garruk, Primal Hunter and Retrofitter Foundry in Snow, Ground Seal in Oops All Spells and many more things to shake up a format…that is yet still dominated by RUG Delver and 4/5c Snowko. Still, the glorious return of Death & Taxes into the limelight is one of the most positive takeaways from this weekend, and we’re looking forward to how things are gonna develop.

We also show you what you haven’t seen on coverage yet. Following the communitiy’s effort to map out all 8-2 and better lists from the vent, we bring you a much larger metagame overview than just the Top16 lists!

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