On today’s show Callum and Julian discuss one of the hottest decks in the format: call it RUG Uro, Temur Denial or – like a cultured person – Poke Pile! Jeff “Pokemoki” White recently released this absolute beast of a deck onto the Legacy scene, and it’s been putting up insanely good numbers in the hands of a lot of people. It’s also one of the most controversial and misunderstood decks right now, primarily because of its strategically unorthodox use of Stifle.

Callum and Julian explore what makes the deck’s use of Stifle so special, and why thinking of this deck as “Deverless Delver” might be misleading. They’re discussing a potential resurgence of Bant Miracles, as Legacy dreadnought StefanoGs has re-entered the format!

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