“The difference between your friend and your best friend is that your friend asks, ‘Are you ok?’ and your best friend asks, ‘Do you want to cast something from the graveyard?”

– Savania China

Get to know the new permanent host of Everyday Eternal – Callum “Whitefaces” Smith! After making several guest appearances on previous episodes, EU employee protection laws have forced us to offer Callum a permanent contract as a host. Fortunately for us, Callum’s passion for Legacy and his sheerly insatiable hunger for innovation make him a perfect addition to our crew!

In today’s show, Callum, Matt and Julian look back at the first two weeks of companions in Legacy. Analyzing the first four Legacy Challenges, our team looks at 128 lists worth of Top32. Not only do we discuss the most commonly played and successful archetypes right now (Grixis & Jeskai Delver, Zirda), but we also delve deep into some innovative brews that have emerged from the mayhem that is this new (temporary?) age of Legacy!

Summary of first 4 Challenges

Show Notes

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