With the world on lockdown and all Magic tournaments cancelled, we are taking you out of the current reality and onto a cruise through the history of Legacy. Together with our guests Marius “MariusOfTheMoon” Hausmann we specifically explore the bans of the years 2004-2011. I did a ton of research on this episode to provide you with some super interesting tidbits and little-known facts about these bannings. While doing so I found in particularly interesting to analyze Wizards of the Coast’s historic explanations about their decisions, which played a significant part in establishing the formation of Legacy as we know it today.

With all our hosts being contemporaries of all these banned cards, we discuss our experiences with the respective cards at the times and how we feel about the necessity of their bans.

Show Notes

I really enjoyed researching today’s episode. For as well as I remember those cards and bans, I still found a ton of unique and interesting details that I love sharing with you!

Thanks a lot for tuning into today’s show!
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