Following his win in the Legacy Format Playoff on the previous weekend with the hottest deck in town, Jarvis Yu joins Bob and Julian to talk about NBC RUG Delver. Known by many for his proficiency with RG Lands, Jarvis is actually a veteran Delver pilot and has a lot to say about the current state of the deck – and why it is secretly a Jund a deck at times!

In the second half of the cast, Bob goes full Facebook and unleashes his collective metagame data onto the world. He’s been keeping track of all medium and high stakes Legacy events ever since the last sets releases, providing us with a comprehensive analysis of the most successful decks in the format right now. Which decks have been putting up the numbers – and which specific deck did lead Bob to call it one of the most overhyped decks in the history of the format?

Bob’s Meta Analysis

Understanding Bob’s data:

  • Decks are generally sorted into one of three categories: Aggro, Midrange/Control and Combo (from left to right)
  • The number under M20 shows the number of Top8 finishes of big Legacy tournaments with at least 8 rounds ever since M20 was released
  • The number under ELD is unimportant for now, it’s for Throne of Eldraine. You can see the total metagame share of the deck in numbers and % in the last two columns
  • Colors show relevance: green has decks of at least 3% share, yellow shows decks with <3% but >2% share, and orange is for decks with less than 2% but more than 1%
  • Uncolored decks have been close to non-existent in the winners metagame
  • The numbers at the very bottom show aggregated metagame percentages for the grand categories: Aggro at 33.6%, Midrange/Control at 29.5% and Combo at 36.9%

This is Bob’s break up of the data into different, non-archetype-specific categories. It teaches us about the prevalence of certain important cards in the metagame, such as how often non-blue decks rise to the top, how much of a factor Thalia, Guardian of Thraben still is in the metagame, and how Dark Depths has surpassed Griselbrand for the time being.

Other Show Notes

Thanks a lot for tuning into today’s show, and to those attending: the best of luck at GP Atlanta! Come and say hi if you see Bob, Eric or Jarvis! 🙂

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