Eric, Matt and Julian gather on tonight’s episode to discuss the most recent metagame swing which saw Sneak Show starting to put up huge numbers. Are Emrakul & Friends back in full force or will new contenders such as and Dark Depths Elves become the new decks to beat?
In the second half of the cast, Eric and Julian discuss their impressions of the first five weeks of the Legacy Unchained tournament. Which (un)banned cards have overperformed, and which were utter disappointments? As Eric makes two bold claims about the playability of some highly controversial cards, Matt just wishes Fatal Push could stop holding back Siege Rhino…and Julian actually doesn’t want to unban ….if.
Show Notes

* Legacy Challenge September 2nd – Decklists
* Beijing Orlov 9k – the best +EV Legacy tournament of the whole year (~150% payout)
* 4 Seasons Legacy Tournament in Bologna (170 players) decklists
Legacy Unchained Website

Legacy Unchained Results per deck after Week 5

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