Turns out Bob’s still got it! Last weekend he took down the SCG Classic in Richmond with Slow Depths. The deck is certainly making its case for being arguably the best thing to do in Legacy right now – but Bob remains sceptical. In the wake of a still every-changing metagame, we discuss the winners and loser of the last weeks with results from the MTGO Legacy MCQ, the last two Legacy Challenges and Richmond. Find out why Soul Herder has been haunting Bob’s dreams and which deck Eric actually grinded before becoming everyone’s go-to Reanimator go…and learn about Julian’s currently complicated relationship with Elves.
Also on this show: UW Stoneblade mages a HUGE comeback, and an old prediction of Bob finally comes true.

Show Notes

* SCG Richmond Legacy Classic Results
* MTGO Legacy MCQ Results
* Rodrigo Togores’ GW Dark Depths Maverick deck
* Legacy Challenge August 19th Results
* Legacy Challenge August 12th Results
* “How Legacy Has Adapted to Wrenn and Six” – Bob’s article on Channel Fireball

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