For tonight’s show, we welcome Canadian special forces recruit Matt back onto the cast, as Eric and Julian discuss the big tournament results of the weekend in Missouri and especially at the Cardmarket Series Frankfurt. Find out why Julian hasn’t played Elves in a main event for the first time in many years and which decks he currently likes. Eric restores some faith in Julian that things might not be as bad for tribal decks as Julian felt this weekend. Our crew also discovers the hottest new tech in town: Squadron Hawk + Force of Virtue out of Death Birds & Taxes!

Eric and I also discuss our experience during the first week of the Legacy Unchained league we were invited to, and which cards we think could potentially come off the ban list at some point in the future.

In the second half of the show we discuss the disqualification for Cheating that happened after the Top8 of the CMS Frankfurt event, which was uncovered by Twitch chat and brought to the head judges’ attention after the event had already finished. Here are the three clips we discuss in in this episode, which eventually lead to the disqualification of Sebastian Wibmer. They include one instance of playing two lands a turn, as well as two of him stacking the top card of his deck.

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/Edit: note that we were notified by alert listener Daniel David Jesus, that it is no longer grounds for a DQ to something legal, thinking it was illegal!

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