Eric, Bob and Julian gather for tonight’s show to take a look at recent developments in a metagame heavily influenced by and . We explore strategies such as Bob’s Slow Depths as well the DNSolver’s Hogaak Depths (feat. ) that has put up some very respectable results lately.
We also showcase results from around the world, including the MTA Eternal Fest in Guangzhou, China – a 104 player Legacy event with an incredibly good prize pool. Definitely check out those big Chinese events which are held twice a year at alternating places (usually Beijing and a southern city). Julian went there last December and the time of his life!
In other news, continues to be a non-factor.
Show Notes

* MTA Eternal Fest Guangzhou, China – Top8 Decklists
* Starcitygames Philadelphia Team Event – Top16 Decklists
* Leaving a Legacy Open – Top16 Decklists by Swiss Standings
* Legacy Challenge 21st June – Top32 Decklists
* Legacy Challenge 14th June – Top32 Decklists
* Daryl Ayer’s Astro Czech / 4c Snow Control list
* DNSolver’s Hogaak Depths list
* Eric Landon’s new mad creation: Karn Forge Video
* Bob Huang’s Slow Depths list

Note that the LUCKY_DRAGON’s glorious 5c Snow Control list is in 22nd place of the 21st June Legacy Challenge lists. All hail the 5c Snow Control overlords!

We’d love to hear your feedback on today’s episode in the comment section or via Twitter. This is only the second episode I have edited myself and I’d be happy to hear any suggestions or advise on how we could improve your enjoyment of Everyday Eternal even further!

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