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For those unfamiliar with Everyday Eternal, it is one of the oldest Magic podcasts focussed on competitive Legacy (and we like to claim: sometimes also Vintage.) Together with our hosts Bob Huang, Matt Pavlic, Julian Knab, and their funky guests, we’re bringing you the latest news and technology from the world of Eternal Magic. God, could our iTunes BE any more generic? Can someone please rewrite this? Bob, Matt, anyone?

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Two European Legacy allstars join Julian on the cast tonight. Marc “Bahra” König was one of the very first Magic Online streamers and over the years has established himself as one of the most well-known Death & Taxes players, having coached both SCG pros as well as Pro Tour regulars. Marius “MariusOfTheMoon” Hausmann is one of Germany’s most successful Eternal players of the last decade, who also looks back on a long history of activating.
After discussing the current state of Vintage for a while and showcasing Marc’s new innovations into the Legacy format, we take a deep dive on the current state of Death & Taxes. Our two guests polarizing opinions about the deck in its current iteration make for a great discussion and provides insights into both the challenges the deck faces, as well as the tools one can utilize in order to succeed in a metagame full of es and Plague s.
Show Notes

* Marc’s YawgFit decklist he Top8’ed the Legacy Challenge with
* Marc’s special 4c Wrenn and Six decklist he Top8’ed the Legacy Challenge with
* Marc’s recommended version of Death & Taxes
* Marc’s Dredge list he Top8’ed the Vintage Challenge with
* Marius’ Legacy Painter list (“Moonraker Millenium”)
* Marius’ Legacy Maverick list
* DCI Policy Changes for Core 2020

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