Callum, Kai & Julian gather for a first assessment of the damage Orcish Bowmasters & Friends have done, and are happy they actually brought up a card last episode that Callum completely underestimated. With tons of high-stake events in the books, we take a look at which new cards have actually made an impact, and discuss our feelings about Bowmasters after getting a couple of games in with them.

In the second part of the show, we take a look at the results of NRG Chicagoland, SCG Baltimore, and a couple other events. Julian is especially excited about the Creative Technique (“Mississippi River”) Cascade deck they managed to camera in round 2 of NRG Chicagoland…that just barely missed the Top8 in the end.

00:00:00 Callum was David Hasselhoff when he was a kid
00:07:30 How good are the new cards ACTUALLY?
00:37:00 So Many Event Results

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