Have you ever confused a random warhorse for the most glorious king of Rohan? Happens to the best of us. As yet another episode’s script is short-notice altered by Callum crushing a tournament (with an altered version of Painter), the crew comes together to reivew Kai’s special appearance at the BOTTROP series in, well, BOTTROP and why people paid money to wrestle with him. Also find out why Orcish Bowmasters is about to give Legacy the Wrenn and Six treatment, and completely wrap for the time to come…we believe.

To round things out we highlight the results of yet another 300+ player 4Seasons in Bologna, as well as the 100+ players German Legacy Championship – the first one to take place in 12 years!

00:00:00 Kai @ BOTTROP Series
00:15:30 Callum CRUSHES with new Painter
00:36:00 Forth Eorlingas…is gas?! (wellseeourselvesout)
00:44:30 4Seasons Top8
01:07:00 German Legacy Champs

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