Ten years ago, four guys came together to found what would eventually turn out to be the longest-running Legacy podcast out there. Fast forward a decade, and Everyday Eternal is still going strong, with bi-weekly episodes, questionable takes, and three clowns joined by a dentist to celebrate their tenth anniversary!

Join us for a review of the entire Everyday Eternal timeline, from our very first episode, across all its 9 hosts, to where we are today: awarding the EVERYDAY ETERNAL PODCASTING AWARDS™ in 6 category, 1 bonus questions (and a lifetime achievement award!)

00:00:00 Where were you 10 years ago?
00:09:20 Historic Podcast Timeline
00:21:50 Our Most Influential Episode
00:33:40 BIGGEST Turning Point
00:57:20 Kai makes the WORST 1st appearance
01:08:20 Sick Lifetime STATS

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